The First Few Days…

Okay guys, I’m alive!! After 19 hours of travel, one over-priced cab, and about 17 flights of stairs, I am at St. John’s campus in Rome! 

It is absolutely beautiful here! Everywhere I turn there is a monument or a fountain or some ancient ruins more beautiful than the last. My liturgical art and architecture class today comprised of going to the church where the bones of St. Phillip and St. James are buried, and having a lecture inside the church. So needless to say, classes here are going to be enjoyable. 

I have yet to find a meal or a foreign food that I haven’t loved, and the portions here are a lot more modest than in the US, so you don’t feel bad eating appetizers, two main courses, and dessert! And of course gelato and wine… 

So far the Italian lifestyle suits me, let’s see how long the waistbands on my pants agree. 🙂

That’s all for now, you guys take care, and hold down the fort while I’m gone! 




Benvenuto, Bienvenido, and Welcome!

Hello friends and welcome to my blog!

I apologize in advance for my lack of creativity here, but as I mentioned in my title, this is my technologically-illiterate self’s feeble attempt to document everything I hope to experience abroad as well as to reassure my mom that I am alive and haven’t yet decided to make Italy my permanent home! (Love you, Mom ;)) 

I hope that you will continue to follow my adventures this semester, and bear with me as I attempt to be diligent about writing. If we’re all being honest though, the fact that I am even able to figure out this blogging website is a big pretty big miracle in and of itself, so let’s all cross our fingers that the Italian internet doesn’t foil me! Seriously though. Did you know the Internet and keyboards over there are different?? I didn’t. Let’s all just say a prayer about that since I can barely turn on my own laptop.

But anyway, thanks for dropping in, and thank you in advance for all of your prayers, positive vibes, and well-wishes as I embark on this incredible adventure!  

Until next time,